What are the benefits of Mind Mapping®? 

Marion's toolkit: Benefits of Mind Mapping

Marion’s toolkit: Benefits of Mind Mapping

The benefits and applications of Mind Mapping are seemingly endless!

Mind Maps® are:

  • Efficient!  By using key words and images, speeds up the process of note-taking or note-making.
  • Effective!  Help to retain and recall information.  Great for interview preparation!
  • Fun!  No longer bore your brain with linear notes when Mind Maps® offer the stimulation of colour, and simplicity of key words and images on a page.
  • Compact!  Condense large amounts of information into an easily accessible and retrievable format.
  • Quick!  Possible to map out a speech, a report or perhaps a presentation quickly without the need for copious notes.
  • Versatile!  Numerous applications for Mind Maps® in work and everyday life. Whether planning a holiday, preparing for an interview or developing a website, this is a versatile tool!

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