Marion's toolkit: Mind Mapping - How?

Marion’s toolkit: mindmapping – How?

How do I create a mindmap?

By following some very simple yet brain friendly rules, you will quickly be able to create a mindmap. Each of the rules of mindmapping have been developed based on a brain friendly reason, matching the skills associated with both your left and right brain in a synergistic way.  Mindmaps use your whole brain and that makes a whole lot of sense!

How can I use a mindmap?

Mindmaps have extensive applications for both individuals and groups whether at home or at work:

  • Note-taking from: books, reports, speeches, lectures, meetings.
  • Note-making for thought organisation: speeches, reports, letters, to-do lists.
  • Decision making.
  • Brainstorming ideas and concepts including exploring career possibilities.
  • Planning, prioritising, preparing, delegating, following up.
  • Problem-solving and analysis.
  • Increasing creative thinking, generating new ideas.
  • Meetings: agendas, recording of minutes.
  • Improving memory.
  • Managing: knowledge, information, time, projects.
  • Learning: studying, concentration, remembering and recalling facts.

View Marion Langford’s Gallery for examples.

How can I find out more about mindmaps?

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“Everything should be as simple as it is, but not simpler” – Albert Einstein