What is a Mind Map®?

Marion's toolkit:  What is a Mind Map?

Marion’s toolkit: What is a Mind Map?

A Mind Map® is a powerful graphic system of note-taking and note-making.A Mind Map® provides a universal key to unlock the potential of the brain by using the full range of cortical skills – word, image, number, logic, rhythm, colour and spatial awareness – in a single conceptual manner. Not only does it mirror how our brain works, it encourages and inspires our brain to develop its full potential and facilitate learning and thinking.

Invented in the late 1960s by Tony Buzan, Mind Maps® are now used by millions of people around the world, from the very young to the very old, to assist in using their minds more effectively.

The Mind Map® can be applied to every aspect of life where improved learning and clearer thinking will enhance human performance.

Similar to a road map, a Mind Map® will:

  • Give you an overview of a large subject/area.
  • Enable you to plan routes, make choices and let you know where you are going and where you have been.
  • Gather and hold large amounts of data for you.
  • Encourage problem solving by showing you new creative pathways.
  • Enable you to be extremely efficient.
  • Be enjoyable to look at, read, muse over and remember.
  • Attract and hold your eye/brain.
  • Let you see the whole picture and the details at the same time.
  • Assist YOU!

The Mind Map® is an essential tool in YOUR toolkit! To take a look at some sample Mind Maps® view Marion Langford’s Gallery.

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“It is the function of creative men to perceive the relations between thoughts, or things, or forms of expression that seem utterly different, and to be able to combine them into some new forms – the power to connect the seemingly unconnected” – William Plomer.