Marion's toolkit: Mind Mapping - why?

Marion’s toolkit: Mind Mapping – why?

 Why do I need to Mind Map®?

Would you like to be able to improve…

  • Your memory?
  • Your creativity?
  • Your organisation skills?
  • Your presentation and communication skills?
  • Your management of information?
  • Your planning and decision-making skills?

The Mind Map® is the one tool which will allow you to accomplish all these goals in a BrainFriendly and fun way!

Why is a Mind Map® such a powerful tool?

By literally “mapping” the way your brain sees and creates connections; once mastered, it brings incredible clarity and ease to any decision-making process, using all of the ways your brain processes information – word, image, logic, number, rhythm, colour and spatial awareness, so that you are literally thinking with your whole brain.

Another reason why Mind Maps® are so powerful; they are fun! Once you start using Mind Maps® you will find them addictive because your brain will be saying “thank you”!  At last you will have a tool that allows your brain to capture visually, externally and in a memorable way a reflection of its internal processes.

No longer bored by copious notes made in a linear format, using black or blue pen on white ruled paper, the Mind Map® format stimulates the brain and allows it to easily digest and recall large quantities of data overcoming many of the problems of information overload that individuals are now faced with.
To take a look at some sample Mind Maps® view Marion Langford’s Gallery.
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“Man’s mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions” – Oliver Wendell Holmes.