Mindmaps are versatile and powerful…How do you use them?

Dear Mindmapping Graduate

Mindmapping is such a versatile and powerful tool, how are you using it?

This weekend I attended an interior design workshop and was delighted to discover that the first tool we used was a Mindmap!  Our leader for the workshop, Paloma Llamazares from Paloma Interiors, had asked attendees to bring along an item of inspiration from their home.  In my case I chose to take my mother’s fifties canisters along with a mug I had found with a great fifties design on it.  We are about to redecorate our ‘fifties’ house and I have finally decided to embrace its era.

Creative desk: Objects of inspiration, Mindmap, iPad and iPhone images, colour swatches

Creative desk: Objects of inspiration, Mindmap, iPad and iPhone images, colour swatches

In the workshop, having brainstormed ideas inspired from our objects using a Mindmap, we then got to swap our maps to get ideas from others.  This was a great way of tapping into others imaginations and ideas, increasing creativity and all our mindmaps grew!

Reflecting on the workshop, I was inspired to find that here was another individual, Paloma, using Mindmaps to assist her in her work and for us as attendees to brainstorm ideas.

Which leads me to my question…How are you using Mindmaps?  It would be great to hear and to share via this forum to inspire others.  What are your Mindmapping stories? How have Mindmaps helped you? Where have you used them?  With whom? What benefits or insights have you gained from using them?  Send me a note and, if it’s okay to share, you might like to include a copy of your Mindmap.  I use Mindmaps all the time, however how do you use them?

I look forward to hearing from you in the next week or two and to sharing your stories of inspiration with others in my upcoming newsletters.  Email to me at marion@creativeconceptsandcoaching.com.au.

Happy Mindmapping!

Cheers, Marion Langford

p.s. If you’re wanting to create “a beautiful space that works”, contact Paloma at www.palomainteriors.com.au as she has great ideas, lots of experience and practical advice.