Mind Mapping can make a difference…

Dear Mind Mapping Graduate

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the things you need to do and wondering where to begin?  Or walking around with so many things in your head that need to be done and then unmotivated to do any of them?  Mind Mapping can make a difference.

After a few weeks away over Christmas visiting our families, I returned home with fresh eyes to notice a “tired” house!  Amazing what a break away can do along with energy from knowing it’s the beginning of a new year, so I was keen to get started on a “working bee” for our home.  Bless our house however it is an old home and it seemed everywhere I looked needed work to be done and in no time my energy and motivation was sapped.  That is, until I sat down and did a Mind Map of all the things that needed to be done.  Below is a very simple Mind Map I put together.

Home Working Bee 2013, Mind Map created by Marion Langford on an iPad

Home Working Bee 2013, Mind Map created by Marion Langford on an iPad

Mind Mapping can make a difference.  By sitting down and doing a Mind Map, I was able to capture all the things we needed to do on one page which not only provided a sense of control and being manageable, it also meant I was able to clear my thoughts and not have to keep telling myself “I must do that…and that…and that” etc.  Once I had my Mind Map, I had a plan, and I was able to just get on with it bit by bit and as you can see some of the items have already been ticked off.  Curious, seems quite a bit of painting to be done, shame there’s not a “painter” in the house!

If you are a “list person” then Mind Maps are a great way to capture a list and rather than having items on multiple pages, with no connections shown etc, with a Mind Map you can get the full picture (or at at least an overview) on one page.  With colour coding, a few key words and images, you have a much more motivating, interesting and memorable tool for actually achieving whatever is on your list.  While the Mind Map above is a basic one (could add branches for details ie. research items, ring plumber etc and then put action dates), it was sufficient for what I needed to get me moving.

So if you are putting off doing something, have lots to do but then lack the motivation to do it, then try gathering your thoughts into a Mind Map, it might just make the difference.

Happy Mind Mapping!

Cheers, Marion