Need to make a speech?…Use a mindmap!

Dear Mindmapping Graduate

Do you ever have to make speeches?  Mindmaps beat palm cards hands down because all you need is one!

I thought I would share with you a speech I gave recently at the opening of my first solo exhibition “La Serenissima” at Mamma Mia India, North Bondi.  This is my mindmap of it and yes I do actually “walk the talk”. I confess: as you will see, I do break the mindmapping rules at times and don’t always keep it to key words but hey, we all get a bit nervous with speeches!

Speech given at first solo exhibition  "La Serenissima" at Mamma Mia India by Marion Langford


A tip, in preparing speeches, I tend to have a loose map in my head that I just play around with some ideas, some brain blooms on various possible branches and I may just do a quick mindmap draft.  Rather than sitting at my desk trying to force the final speech though, I will then allow some time and space for these ideas to work together.

In the case of this speech, I went for a jog in the morning of the exhibition opening and it was one of those gorgeous Autumn days we have been having in Sydney. During the run I realised that the morning reminded me exactly of the weather I experienced when I was in Italy and in particular Venice (commonly known as “La Serenissima” in Italy).  As I was running, I was thinking about the cool mornings opening out into beautiful sunny days and I could then see the link between my two favourite cities and how each had inspired me.  What I endeavoured to capture in the paintings for this exhibition was that glow in the day and the feeling of warmth.

Not only was this exhibition special being my first solo as an artist, however it was held at the newly opened Mamma Mia India, a café/wine bar/emporium, at 38 Wairoa Avenue, North Bondi, owned and created by Judith Maher, who had been one of my coaching clients and is now a dear friend.  Sharing a love of Italy, the exhibition was a first for us both and there were many connections in the evening.  Do call in to Mamma Mia India for a great coffee and say Hi!

So in writing a speech… play with ideas, allow yourself some time and space for it to formulate, do a loose mindmap draft, create the links, share the stories and if you need a few additional words in there (not just key ones) that’s okay…and just enjoy delivering your creation!

Speaking of creations, it’s not too late to visit my current exhibition “For the love of Italy” at Yuga Café & Gallery, 172 St Johns Road, Glebe.  Exhibition runs until 18 May and there is also a special Italian theme dinner on Friday 17 May.  For details call Setsuko or Ben at Yuga on 9692 8604.  Come along and enjoy the Italian food, wine and yes the art!  Hope to see you there…

And remember, when it comes to speeches…you don’t need a stack of palm cards, just one: one with a mindmap!

Happy mindmapping and speechmaking!



Easter Mindmap gift…A book in a page

Dear Mindmapping Graduate

In the spirit of Easter I would like to share with you a Mindmap I drew some time ago, which is a summary of Deepak Chopra’s book, “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”.  This is one book condensed to a page.  So if you have a lot of information you need to summarise and remember, it’s possible to Mindmap it!

Hand drawn Mindmap by Marion Langford, "Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" book by Deepak Chopra

Hand drawn Mindmap by Marion Langford, “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” book by Deepak Chopra


I also thought I would share with you an Artist’s mindmap!   Hand drawn by myself, this sketch of “The Streets of Orvieto” gave me a bit of a map of where I was headed with my paintbrushes.  Sometimes we just need a plan to get started, so use a mindmap.

Artist's mindmap by Marion Langford of "The Streets of Orvieto"

Artist’s mindmap by Marion Langford of “The Streets of Orvieto”

To see the finished artwork, visit either my artist website at or for those of you who are on Facebook, then support this artist by “Liking” my page at

My first solo exhibition is coming up soon and I would love for you to come along!  “La Serenissima” will feature original oil paintings of Venice from my visit to Italy late last year. Again see my Facebook page or visit my website for full details and invite!  Exhibition runs 9-21 April with opening Reception on 11 April, 6pm-8pm at newly opened cafe/wine bar/emporium, Mamma Mia India, 38 Wairoa Avenue, North Bondi.

A second exhibition, also featuring paintings of Italy with fellow artist Masako Gordon, is scheduled from 25 April at Yuga Café Restaurant at Glebe.  Details will be found on my Facebook page and my artist website shortly.

So support this creative spirit and come along!  Have a wonderful Easter!

Best wishes and happy mindmapping!