Launch of new website and Mind Mapping update…

Dear Mind Mapping Graduate

I would like to update you on two very exciting things:

1.  Exciting for me!  The launch of my new website! See and please note you now have my new email address. 

2.  Exciting for you!  Over the many years I have been teaching Mind Mapping, I have held off promoting Mind Mapping software mainly because for me it hasn’t had the flexibility, portability, creative capacity and ease of use that could be achieved with pen and paper.  Basically, I found it frustrating.  However technology has changed and this is where things get really exciting.

I recently bought an iPad and as a beginner I started to play with the apps provided.  For those of you who have an iPad, I began using the Notepad to capture my notes, or what quickly became long to-do lists.  Black type on yellow paper, lists of information.  As a Mind Mapper I quickly became frustrated with this archaic way of capturing information, where each page looked the same, no categories, no obvious linking of material, boring etc.   So I thought I would see what apps were available and, much to my delight and relief, I discovered a free Mind Mapping app to download, which I did. 

Wow!  Although not all features were provided in the free download, I could immediately see how I could easily use this tool to meet my Mind Mapping needs.  To gain access to all the features required paying an annual subscription fee of $20.99 so I did.  An absolute bargain!

Not since I first discovered Mind Mapping ten years ago reading Tony Buzan’s “The Mind Map Book” have I been this excited.  Quick, easy, powerful, colourful, finger touch, portable, creative and much more all wrapped up in this one app and captured in my iPad.

So what is it?

I recommend you download this app:  iMindMap HD and pay the $20.99 annual subscription fee (to the ThinkBuzan Cloud).  You will not regret this small investment, in fact I would buy an iPad just to be able to use this!  (And I’m not on commission for either!)

The app has some limitations, however you can run presentations from it, air print to your printer, easily change branches and information without having to start all over again and so on. 

Mind Map created using iMindMap HD on iPad by Marion Langford

This is a sample Mind Map created while playing with iMindMap HD on my iPad and my thoughts on travel.  (Some of you may be aware, my other passion is portrait painting and this was on the eve of departing for two weeks in Italy to attend a Master class in portraiture).

So if you do have an iPad, I strongly recommend you download this app including paying the subscription, and if you don’t have an iPad, then Christmas is just around the corner and I’d be putting it on my wish list!

As part of the launch of my new website and enthused by this new tool, I would like to send out from time to time, sample Mind Maps I have created and any news updates.  At this stage I have taken the liberty of subscribing you to this.  You may recall, at the end of my workshop there is a feedback form on which you initially applied for the monthly newsletter.  That newsletter is from the Buzan group, however any updates from me would be in addition to that.  If you would prefer not to receive my updates, let me know and I will unsubscribe you.

So with the run up to Christmas, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy Christmas and all the best for 2013.  For those who continue to subscribe, I look forward to sharing with you some of my Mind Map creations which you may find helpful or spark your own ideas for Mind Maps.  And for my friends who choose otherwise, again I wish you well.  If you need to contact me in the future, you have my new contact details and my mobile remains the same at 0409 993 090.

Happy Mind Mapping!

Best wishes, Marion