Creating new habits…Mind Mapping can help!

Dear Mind Mapping Graduate

Do you have an old habit you would like to change?  Or a new habit you would like to create? Mind Mapping can help!

A common life coaching request is “I’d like to get fit, lose weight and be healthier” and this is a typical example of needing to change old habits and create new.  And, I have to raise my hand here, as there have been times in my life when I have said the same thing.   

An example of creating new habits:  Radiant health now

An example of creating new habits: Radiant health now

In creating a new habit, in this case a healthier lifestyle, a Mind Map can support you in the process.

This is a Mind Map I prepared around a new health regime as I was wanting to lose some weight and generally get a little fitter (gone are the days of my running marathons!).

Branches I considered included what my goals were, what this new way of being would look and feel like.  I also considered the obstacles that were likely to come up with preparation being the key.  I actually spent some time thinking about how I would overcome those obstacles and what works for me, things that may have worked in the past or that work in other areas of my life. 

It is common and quite normal to go off track when changing habits however the key is not to stay off track, rather get back on the path again referring back to what works for you, knowing this is a normal part of the change process, and then doing it is the key.  Providing structure, routine, and repetition builds the traction.  What works for me is putting things in my diary (I show up) and also making a commitment to a friend to show up (in my case my gym trainer).  Now with text messaging it is easy to create other “virtual” training buddies. 

Remember to include rewards for achievement along the way, including acknowledging your resilience building when you do happen to go off track and get back on again.  Having a Mind Map gives you an individual blueprint plan for your change process and can help in making the difference to your achieving it.  Not just another boring black and blue to do list (or yellow and black on your iPad notepad) that shows no connections but a colourful, engaging map that considers various aspects of the change you are creating and gives you a sense of overall control in achieving it by capturing it on a page.

Go well!  I look forward to hearing how you use Mind Maps to create positive changes in your life.

Happy Mind Mapping!

Best wishes, Marion