These are just a sample of the comments received over the past 10 years from participants of my Mind Mapping workshops:

“As part of my recent career transition program, I participated in one of Marion’s workshops at Audrey Page & Associates, where she introduced me to the wonderful world of Mind Mapping.  Initially my structured, engineer’s brain did not get it at all, but suddenly with Marion’s infectious, enthusiastic guidance “Eureka!” it all clicked into place.  I now use mind maps as a daily part of my brain storming and planning and am a complete Mind Mapping evangelist. 

For the interviews with the board leading to my current appointment as Managing Director, I prepared detailed Mind Maps of my view of the company, my first 90 days and my initial thoughts on strategy.  I had them on the table in full technicolour and they became a focal point of the discussion.  I am in no doubt that the use of Mind Maps in my preparation and presentation was a critical factor in securing this role.  Marion’s incredible passion for the subject and enthusiastic transfer of knowledge, particularly in penetrating my stubborn engineering brain was inspirational and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”  Jonathan Clark, Managing Director, Power & Data Corporation Pty Ltd, August 2012.

“Marion has a quiet strength and strong capacity to engage participants. An expert in ‘MindMapping’ and an accomplished artist and career coach. Marion holds a solid background in HR which makes her keenly attuned to the human condition and a great support for people in transition on a number of levels. a very able communicator engaging people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. May 8, 2012  Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative”.  George Owen, Manager, REMIND, Mental Health Training and Education

“Awesome! Loved it!  Really moved away from black and white thinking to wholistic, open, colourful right-brained approach to life and career transition.” Rachel Ezzy

“Very good.  I have head of Mind Mapping before and tried to read a book on it…but just didn’t have the headspeace.  This seminar explained it really clearly and easily.”  Deanna Varga

“Subject matter was very comprehensive and useful on a day to day basis.  Something that I can take away and use immediately.”  Karen

“The seminar was very beneficial to me and gave me a good tool to structure ideas.  Also the presenter (Marion) was very energetic, helpful and made the class enjoyable.” Cam

“Loved the colours.  Made me aware of how black and white our lives can be – colours made this course more interesting.”  Irene Elliott

“Very interesting, informative and helpful.  Mind Mapping will provide me with a very powerful tool to help me use my brain creatively and effectively.  Show me how to bring the subconscious into the conscious realm!”  Sue

“It’s a fabulous tool and was well presented by Marion.”  Helen Dunn

“Excellent, all most useful in everyday practise and for my future aspirations.” Suzette Stevens

“Invaluable for my decision making process.”  Chris Kourt

“Positive, confident, further enabled, more work to do with Mind Mapping tools.” Robert Anton

“Fantastic!  Great refresh on a wonderful tool.  This needs to be taught at school as part of the core curriculum and promoted top down in ALL businesses!” Luciana Bullow

“Excellent, well paced, plenty of real life anecdotes, practical applications. Excited about Mind Maps.”  Debbie Thompson

“Hit the mark – thank you!  Brilliant!”  Kim Jones

“Fantastic – it felt like a world of opportunities came into clear focus.”  Lisa-Marie Murphy

“Very informative. Easy to understand. Gave practical examples. Has motivated me to use right side of brain.  Love everything being on the one page.”  Jule Cleary

“I loved it and will use it for my study and business. Thank you.”  Julia Colless

“Excellent.  I now feel armed with a valuable and creative tool to use in all aspects of my life – not just my current career transition situation.” Kia

“Enlightening – helping to think outside the square.”  Sandra

“Very good.  Great way of getting complex matters down in a simple/clear way to understand.”  Martin

“Very useful and well presented – Marion is a good presenter and engaged class from the start.”  Greg

“Very excited, can’t wait to get all my equipment and start.” Lena

“Very positive, shone a light on a powerful tool to add structure to free-thinking.” Mark Easdown

“It was fantastic, will assist greatly with my career transition, family life and next role.” Leonie Hawkes

“At first not understanding how this could fit with my task of finding a new job.  Now I understand how it is relevant to all aspects of life, not just finding a job.” David Cope

“Very interesting.  Definitely will be using this to help me organise my thoughts.” Rachel Cullen

“Very useful.  Structured.  Helps to put a model around thoughts and ideas.” Srini Immidi

“Great explanations and very clear understanding of how to use in daily life.” Janet Elliott

“Very useful.  Can see usefulness in workplace facilitation and problem solving.” Tony

“Great help to assist in organising and prioritising things.” Elissa Gray

“Great.  Really got me thinking and gave me clarity on my next steps.” Kym Gardner

“Excellent.  Another way instead of bullet points and lists plus colour.  More memorable and easier to construct. Doesn’t have to be linear.”  Eileen

“Very useful.  Generic tool and approach that can be used in many situations to help capture and encourage flow of ideas.” Elie

“Very informed and satisfied.  Impressed on tool’s potential and capabilities.” Greg North

“Helpful to make life have more clarity.  Using Mind Map helps put thoughts down and draw deeper in to those areas.” Tina

“Loved it! Mind Mapping is fun, colour and powerful!” Annie Tobias

“A constructive exercise in depicitng sequential thought processes.” Chris Cooper

“Valuable tool for multi purposes: getting a job! organising family, going on a holiday.  Great tool for project management.”  Lisa

“Very stimulated and excited by a new method of organising /processing thoughts/plans.” Vicki Burns

“Helped me understand how my brain can be trained to help connect with different scenarios in life/work.  Help capture information that’s hidden and bring it to the surface.” Katherine

“Excellent tool for goal setting and planning to achieve my goals.” Kerrie Ogston