If you are looking at my website chances are you may also be looking for work! – I can help you. Or maybe you are an Employer who is wanting to help your employees!  I can help you achieve that.

Hi! I’m  Marion Langford, of Creative Concepts and Coaching, and I’m a professional Career Advisor, Career Coach, a Consultant and Workshop Facilitator. Based in Shepparton,  I work with individuals and groups of individuals who are in career transition with all aspects of job search to success. Whether you want to work on your resume, or start one from scratch,  hone your interview skills, prepare a targeted cover letter, optimise your LinkedIn account, learn how to network, and work with the search engines  – call me!   My mobile is 0409 993 090.

A critical thing in this fast changing and highly competitive job market is making sure your resume is up to date and in a format which makes it easy for the “Hirer” to hire you! –  I help you achieve that!

Where social distancing is now the norm and coffee catch-ups are a thing of the past, how do you network?  I can help you with that.

With 14+ years in face-to-face career coaching based in Sydney, in 2018 I relocated to my home town of Shepparton in Regional Victoria and have continued in the work that I love, helping individuals achieve job search success through career coaching. I have provided remote coaching to 750+ individuals throughout Australia via phone for over 10 years and now  also virtually using Zoom.  Individuals I have worked with are from all backgrounds, industries and levels: be it “tradies”,  forklift drivers, factory staff, engineers through to banking and finance staff and through to Senior management. Coaching is provided in a timely and cost-effective manner with strong results.

Remember – we need to make it easy for the Hirer to hire you!  I can help your achieve that!

Ring me now and let’s see how I can help you.  And if you are feeling overwhelmed with the whole idea of job search, I can also help you with that!

My mobile is 0409 993 090.